Why How we Clean Matters

The Importance of Training in Maintaining your Health

By Stephen E. Ludeke,
Co-Founder & President – Integrity Facility Services

June 11, 2018

Let’s face it, when it comes to
workplace health and our employees,
we do not often think about the
procedure followed by our office
cleaning service. As recently as six
weeks ago, Westchester county and
the Northeast were still considered
Flu virus hot-spots. Easy to forget
when warm temperatures and air
conditioners replace the dreary winter
months. While it’s true that viruses
have little chance of survival when
exposed to open air, germs and
bacteria tend to thrive given any areas
of moisture.
The key objective of maintaining a
healthy work-environment certainly
depends on many factors – however
the practices of your cleaning
custodian should always be given
consideration. Think about it this
way – which area of your workplace
do you associate with germs? If you
thought of your employee break
room, that’s a good answer however

the most obvious location would be
your restrooms.
The key to the daily maintenance and
cleaning of your facility and office
space is avoiding
cross-contamination. Simply put,
your janitorial cleaning staff should
be trained with the proper cleaning
protocol. Integrity Facility Services
uses the acronym. G.O.T.D.S.T.
(Glass or Tables, Desks, Sinks,
Toilets). This simple abbreviation
guides employees who deliver daily
cleaning in a healthy work-order.
The intended result of course is to
guide your housekeeping staff a
healthy cleaning procedure. If you’re
not sure how your commercial
cleaning service trains their cleaning
employees, consider this a relevant
topic to address before the next flu
season is upon us.

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